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    Italgroup PG Series Planetary Gearbox

    Italgroup PG Series Planetary Gearbox

    Hydraulic Gear Boxes


    The Italgroup PG series planetary gearbox range is divided into 21 basic groups, depending on the different torques to be transmitted to the output shaft, which can vary from 0.05 to 1280 kNm.

    Click on the ‘Model Codes and Technical Data‘ tab for full details.

    The modular construction permits the coupling of bevel gears, worm gears, hydraulic brakes and a variety of input shafts to the planetary units, and offers a wide choice of coupling flanges for hydraulic or electric motors. Another advantage of the planetary gear unit’s modular construction is the option to mount a series of stages of different sizes in order to obtain a vast range of reduction ratios.

    The product range provides reduction ratios from 3:1 to 7:1 on a single stage unit up to 10,000:1 and more on a 5 stage unit. The wide selection of output shafts and flanges simplifies the reduction unit mounting operation on industrial machinery or plants.

    Other features include: inline and bevel stages, and coupling flanges for hydraulic or electric motors.

    Contact us for further technical details and configuration options.

    Download the Italgroup PG Gearbox Series Technical Catalogue >>>

    Italgroup PG Gearboxes
    Gearbox   Torque size (daNm)Ratio   Type of Reduction Unit
    PG 1001003.55 - 3422.1Inline stages
    PGA 10010010.4 - 1487.1Bevel stages
    PG 1601603.55 - 3422.1Inline stages
    PGA 16016010.4 - 1487.1Bevel stages
    PG 2502503.77 - 2369.2Inline stages
    PGA 25025012.0 - 1244.0Bevel stages
    PG 5005003.77 - 1845.2Inline stages
    PGA 50050013.0 - 1244.0Bevel stages
    PG 7007003.66 - 2968.8Inline stages
    PGA 70070012.6 - 1068.9Bevel stages
    PG 100010003.55 - 2229.7Inline stages
    PGA 1000100012.2 - 968.9Bevel stages
    PG 160016003.55 - 2229.7Inline stages
    PGA 1600160012.2 - 968.9Bevel stages
    PG 1800 180013.0 - 1216.4Inline stages
    PGA 1800180010.9 - 981.1Bevel stages
    PG 250025004.0 - 1773.9Inline stages
    PGA 2500250012.2 - 1726.8Bevel stages
    PG 3000300014.2 - 1425.0Inline stages
    PGA 3000300059.2 - 1385.5Bevel stages
    PG 350035004.00 - 1289.7Inline stages
    PGA 3500350012.3 - 1253.8Bevel stages
    PG 500050004.0 - 1981.9Inline stages
    PGA 5000500012.1 - 1598.6Bevel stages
    PG 650065003.83 - 1008.1Inline stages
    PGA 6500650047.1 - 913.7Bevel stages
    PG 900090004.0 - 1623.2Inline stages
    PGA 9000900049.6 - 1010.0Bevel stages 
    PG 12000120004.09 - 5665.8Inline stages
    PGA 120001200050.25 - 5566.7Bevel stages
    PG 16000160003.83 - 8729.6Inline stages
    PGA 160001600059.6 - 7033.9Bevel stages
    PG 21000210003.68 - 8127.8Inline stages
    PGA 210002100060.0 - 7897.2Bevel stages
    PG 26000260003.68 - 8018.9Inline stages
    PGA 2600026000182.8 - 6021.8Bevel stages
    PG 31000310003.43 - 8522.1Inline stages
    PGA 3100031000264.1 -6399.7Bevel stages
    PG 40000400003.43 - 8938.4Inline stages
    PGA 4000040000925.43 - 6279.1Bevel stages
    PG 45000450003.83 - 4952.5Inline stages
    PGA 4500045000634.6 - 3187.8Bevel stages
    PG 53000530003.84 - 7890.8Inline stages
    PGA 5300053000819.22 - 5079.1Bevel stages
    PG 61000610003.84 - 3175.35Inline stages
    PGA 6100061000863.53 - 2116.9Bevel stages


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