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    Italgroup R8D Series Motors – Replacing IAMD Motors

    Italgroup R8D Series Motors – Replacing IAMD Motors


    Italgroup R8D is a heavy duty,  single displacement hydraulic motor.

    The R8D motor is the evolution of the former Italgroup IAMD series, built on 20 years of improvements. With unchanged dimensions and mounting face the new R8D series is fully interchangeable with the old IAMD series.

    The use of low friction materials and hydrostatic balancing make the R8D ideal for the most demanding applications – where high performances are required even for long duty periods including: marine and offshore equipment, winches, conveyors, plastic injection moulding machines, steel bending machines, fork lift trucks, skid-steer loaders, dumpers, agricultural and forestry machinery, municipal vehicles and airport equipment.

    The R8D range is available in displacements ranging from 0cm³ to 5400cm³ (cc/rev) – click on the ‘Model Codes and Technical Data’ tab for full details.

    Other features include:

    • wide speed range from 0.5 to 950 rpm
    • very high volumetric efficiency and mechanical efficiencies
    • smooth performance even at low speeds
    • high starting torque / constant torque
    • freewheeling option
    • interchangeable mounting face with main competitors
    • compact design
    • bi-directional
    • optional speed sensor and built-in valves
    • high radial and axial force allowed
    • low maintenance and high reliability

    Contact us for further technical details and configuration options.

    Download the Italgroup R8D Series Technical Catalogue >>>

    Italgroup R8D Series Technical Data
    Motor SizePistonsDisplace-ment (cc)Torque (Nm/bar)Max. Cont. Pressure (bar) Test  Pressure (bar)Max Cont. Speed (rpm)Peak Speed (rpm)Max Cont. Power (kW)Max. Power (kW)Dry Weight (kg)
    R8D 300H2531452704209001100426242
    R8D 350H353425.42704208509508012068
    R8D 400H353976.32704207508608012068
    R8D 450H354527.22704206507608012068
    R8D 500H354917.82704206006908012068
    R8D 600H355949.52704205005708012068
    R8D 800H4579212.627042045052012015092
    R8D 1000H4599215.827042035540512015092
    R8D 1250H45124719.827042028032012015092
    R8D 1100H455118218.8250420400450150180120
    R8D 1400H455137621.9250420350400150180120
    R8D 900H5594115270420550600165200173
    R8D 1000H55109417.4270420500550165200173
    R8D 1200H55123119.6270420450510165200173
    R8D 1400H55137621.9270420410472165200173
    R8D 1600H55164826.2270420370426165200173
    R8D 1800H55181528.9250420340391165200173
    R8D 2000H55203432.4190420280310140160173
    R8D 1800H555180028.7250420250285173215203
    R8D 2100H555206632.9250420220250175215203
    R8D 2300H555229336.5250420210235185215203
    R8D 2400H555239338.9240420190220170200203
    R8D 1800H65186629.7270420350400210235308
    R8D 2000H65199331.7270420350400210235308
    R8D 2200H65222035.3270420325374210235308
    R8D 2500H65252540.2270420285328210235308
    R8D 3000H65302848.2270420235270210235308
    R8D 3500H65347955.4270420210242210235308
    R8D 3400H77341354.3270420200220230258405
    R8D 3600H77360058.1270420185210230258405
    R8D 3900H77390762.2270420175201230258405
    R8D 4300H77434369.1270420160184230258405
    R8D 4600H77461673.5270420150173230258405
    R8D 5000H77508881270420140161230258405
    R8D 5400H77538485.7270420130150230258405
    R8D 6000H810596695250420120138190215590
    R8D 6500H8106581104.7250420120138190215590
    R8D 6800H8106962110.8250420120138190215590
    R8D 7600H8107620121.325042090104190215590
    R8D 8000H8108062128.32404208092190215590
    R8D 7000H977050112270420160190330370750
    R8D 8000H978332132.6270420135160330370750
    R8D 9000H978757139.4260420130155330370750
    R8D 10000H9710214162.6250420110135330370750
    R8D 11000H9711016175.3250420105120330370750
    R8D 12000H9712073192.225042095110330370750
    R8D 13000H9713020207.325042090105330370750
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