Kawasaki M2X M5X Axial Piston Motors


The Kawasaki M2X | M5X series are high performance motors for swing applications. The M5X series is an extremely compact fixed displacement swash plate type axial piston motor with built-in parking brake designed for the swing function of excavators, cranes and other construction machinery.

Motor M2X63M5X130M5X180M2X210
Displacement (cm³)64129.2180.1210.1
Rated Pressure (Mpa)29.432.432.429.4
Maximum Pressure (Mpa)34.339.239.234.3
Maximum Speed 2200185016801400
Rated Output Torque (Nm)300670932980
Rated Output Power (kW)69129163144
Mass (kg)29476166

The mounting flange of the motor has been enlarged to enable it to be directly connected with the ring gear of the reduction gear box.

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Download the Kawasaki M2X M5X Technical Catalogue >>> 

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