Parker ACP Series Accumulators


Parker ACP piston accumulators are suited to mobile applications with volume up to 30 litres, bore sizes up to 100mm bore and maximum operating pressure of 275 bar. They are a good alternative to a diaphragm accumulator as they provide enhanced nitrogen gas retention and have a compact and lightweight design.

ACP piston accumulators incorporate a patented crimped design that provides high-strength coupling of caps to steel tube plus superior fatigue life. High grade carbon steel tube and end cap material allows heat to dissipate effectively and is micro-finished for extended seal life. The small piston seal area minimises permeability, while the lightweight piston design also prevents sudden accumulator failure and allows fast response to reduce shock in rapid cycling applications.

Although they are offered in standard capacities, the steel shell design makes it easy to “custom” manufacture an ACP accumulator to meet a specific capacity.

ACP piston accumulators are available in two versions: rechargeable or tamperproof. Rechargeable models allow the user to monitor and regulate the gas pre-charge to suit different operating conditions. Tamperproof, sealed-for-life versions are pre-charged on assembly to customer specification and are completely maintenance free.

Technical specifications:

  • Type: Code A – with gas valve, Nitrile, seals CE | Code D – without gas valve, Nitrile, seals CE
  • Bore size: 40 | 50 | 80 | 100 mm
  • Body material:  carbon steel shell and end caps, aluminium piston
  • Maximum operating pressure: 275 bar
  • SAE straight thread fitted as standard, BSPP as an option
  • Valve: 1/2″ UNF as standard, other options available
  • Wide range of fluid ports available
  • Maximum flow rate: 209 | 380 | 834 | 1504 litres/minute
  • Certificates: CE PED – Europe. Manufactured to EU Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU
  • High burst test safety factor


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