Parker BG Motor – Medium Duty Brake Motor


The Parker BG Series Torqmotor™ brake motor consists of a BG Series motor integrated into a wet disc, spring-applied, hydraulically released brake. It provides a rugged and durable spring-applied parking brake that is ideal for medium duty applications. They were previously manufactured and branded as Nichols motors before they joined the Parker group.

With external pressure applied at the brake release port, the BG series works as a motor. Parking or holding occurs when pressure is removed from the ports, causing the integral wet disc brake to set.

Intermittent pressures go to 4000 psi, torques to 12,600 lb-in. and its maximum dynamic side load capacity is 3,600 lb. at the key. The brake is front-mounted for reliable operation even in the event of a system failure. The brake release port is capable of pressures to 3000 psi.

The Parker BG series motor is available in 14 displacements from 141 cc/rev to 959 cc/rev: BG0140 | BG0170 | BG0195 | BG0240 | BG0280 | BG0310 | BG0335 | BG0360 | BG0405 | BG0475 | BG0530 | BG0625 | BG0785 | BG0960

Features and benefits include:

  • Spring-applied, hydraulically released brake actuation
  • Robust construction for longer life
  • Continuous oil flow across internal splines for longer life
  • Superior side load capacity
  • Smooth, extra low speed operation
  • High pressure shaft seal is standard
  • Innovative design eliminates the need for a case drain

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