Parker Commercial Hydraulics PGP330 Pump – PGP300 Series


Parker PGP330 gear pumps are suitable for heavy-duty hydraulic applications. They were formerly made by Commercial Hydraulics before they became part of the Parker Group.

Their design includes an advanced thrust plate and seal configuration, which optimises performance, even in high temperature and low viscosity conditions.

Parker Commercial PGP330 series pumps are available as a single or multiple pumps with piggyback and thru-drive configurations available.

Technical data:

  • Speeds from 900-3000 rpm
  • Fluid displacements up to 64.6 cc/rev
  • Continuous pressures up to 3500 psi (241 bar)
  • Intermittent pressures up to 4000 psi (275 bar)
  • Output flows up to 190 litres/minute
  • Motor torque from 1129-1941 kg/cm @ 3000 rpm
  • High strength one-piece integral shafts

We also offer a range of completely interchangeable, direct equivalents to the Parker PGP330 pump and wider Parker Commercial Hydraulics PGP300 series. The pumps are built and tested here in the UK and are usually dispatched within 24 hours.

Contact us for more technical details and configuration options.

Download the Parker PGP330 Technical Catalogue >>>

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