Parker Denison PV E Design Series Piston Pump


Parker Denison PV E series pumps are available in 4 displacement sizes: PV6 | PV10 | PV15 | PV20 – see below for specification details.

The amount of flow produced by the PV pump is dependent upon the length of stroke of the pumping pistons. This length of stroke, in turn, is determined by the position of the swash plate. Maximum flow is achieved at an angle of 15-17 degrees.

The rotating barrel, driven by the prime mover, moves the pistons in a circular path and the piston slippers are supported hydrostatically against the face of the swash plate. When the swash plate is in a vertical position, perpendicular to the centre-line of the piston barrel, there is no piston stroke and consequently no fluid displacement.

When the swash plate is positioned at an angle, the pistons are forced in and out of the barrel and fluid displacement takes place. The greater the angle of the swash plate, the greater the piston stroke.

Features of Parker Denison PV E design series pumps include:

  • High strength cast-iron housing
  • Fast response times
  • Two piece housing for ease of service
  • Replaceable bronze clad port plate
  • Thru-shaft capability
  • Low noise levels
  • Replaceable piston slipper plate
  • Controls: pressure compensation | load-sensing | horsepower limiting | horsepower and load-sensing | remote pressure compensation | adjustable maximum volume stop

Contact us for further technical details and configuration options.

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