Parker Denison T6 Mobile (T6*M) Vane Pumps


Parker Denison T6 mobile vane pumps reduce the size and cost of actuators, valves and lines and extend working life supported by pressure ratings of up to 275 bar. Better efficiency under load increases productivity, reduces heating and operating costs. Minium flow rates are 400 rpm.

They are available as: T6CM | T6CP | T6D* | T6E* | T6CC* | T6DC* | T6EC* | T6ED* | T6DCCM | T6EDC*

Parker Denison T6 mobile vane pumps have a range of flow rates:

  • Size C: 10 to 100 ml/rev.
  • Size D: 48 to 158 ml/rev.
  • Size E: 132 to 227 ml/rev.

Double pumps have up to 32 positions mounting positions; triple pumps have 128 positions. for triple pumps: this reduces mounting costs and improves performance.

Contact us for further technical details and configuration options.

Download the Parker T6*M Mobile Technical Catalogue >>>

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