Parker EP2/EP3 Pump – Electronic High Pressure


Parker EP2 / EP3 series pumps are variable, swashplate piston pumps with closed loop displacement control. They are for open circuit, mobile hydraulic systems and are based on the Parker P2 / P3 series.

An optimised design and unique port layout enable the pump to be mounted directly on most typical mobile transmissions. High speed ratings enable high flow and productivity levels. With continuous pressure ratings of up to 350 bar Parker EP2 / P3 pumps provide a high power density.

Parker EP2 / EP3 pumps are available as standard: EP2075 | EP2105 | EP2145 and super-charged versions:  EP3105 | EP3145. Displacements range from 75 to 145 cc/rev.

Features and benefits include:

  • Electronic displacement control with optional pressure limitation, input torque limitation and speed compensation (flow control)
  • Electronic displacement feedback
  • Optional electronic pressure feedback
  • Integrated pre-compression volume, ensuring low ripple operation and reduced noise emissions
  • Remote connectivity  – improving field service
  • Software controller software – real time adaptation of controller characteristics and remote diagnosis.

Contact us for further technical details and configuration options.

Download the Parker EP2 / EP3 Technical Catalogue >>> 

Series and Pump SizeEP2075EP2105EP2145EP3105EP3145
Maximum displ. (cm³/rev)75105145105145
Self-priming speed (rpm)25002300220026002500
Nominal pressure (bar)320350350350350
Min inlet pressure, abs. (bar)
Max inlet pressure, abs. (bar) 1010101.51.5
Max case drain pressure, abs. (bar) 1515151515
Weight (kg)41.660.675.659.673.6
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