Parker H Series Pump – Aluminium Gear Pump


Parker H series pumps were formerly made by Commercial Intertech before they joined the Parker Group. They are fixed displacement, pressure-loaded gear pumps, offering high performance and high power density due to their aluminium construction.


  • Pressure-loaded, efficient and simple design
  • Compact and lightweight for their capacity
  • Efficient at high-pressure operation
  • Resistant to cavitation effects
  • High tolerance to system contamination
  • Reliable under cold weather operation
  • Sleeve-bearing construction
  • Multi-fluid compatibility
  • Three-piece construction for distribution flexibility
  • Aluminium pumping sections for light weight
  • Journal bushings for long life
  • Pressure balanced thrust blocks for high efficiency
  • Multiple sections available

Parker H series pumps are available in displacements sizes from 9.8cc/rev to 36.5ccc/rev

Technical specifications:

  • Flows from 9.5 to 35.2 litres/minute at 1000 rpm
  • Operating pressures up to 172 bar (2,500 psi)
  • Speeds up to 4,000 rpm
  • Clockwise and counter-clockwise pumps available
  • SAE shafts, flanges and porting available
  • Optional pressure relief, and priority flow divider.

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Download the Parker H Pump Technical Catalogue >>>


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