Parker HCP Series Accumulators


Parker HCP piston accumulators have a maximum pressure rating of 350 bar and are the best in class in terms of weight per litre. Applications include industrial, renewable energy and mobile.

The HCP high pressure piston accumulator incorporates a patented crimped design that provides high-strength coupling of caps to steel tube and superior fatigue life. High grade carbon steel tube and end cap material allows heat to dissipate effectively and is micro-finished for extended seal life.

Parker’s high pressure crimped piston accumulators are an ideal replacement for applications where membrane (also known as diaphragm) accumulators are used. One piston accumulator can deliver the same performance as five or more membrane accumulators.

Reducing the number of accumulators needed from five or more to just one piston accumulator will reduce components such as hoses and connectors and will also: reduce potential leak points, generate additional space, minimise installation time and reduce maintenance.

Features and benefits of Parker HCP series accumulators include:

  • Up to 150 bore / 38 litres
  • High maximum pressure rating of 350 bar
  • Cost effective – crimped design
  • Fail-safe design – piston accumulators are unlikely to experience sudden failure unlike membrane accumulators
  • Compact design compared to a manifold assembly
  • Low gas loss from permeation
  • Low friction seals
  • Handles shock load and vibration
  • Valve option: standard gas valve
  • Body material: carbon steel shell and end caps and aluminium piston
  • Operating temperature: -32°C to +150°C

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