Parker M3B and M4* Motors – Medium Duty Vane Motors


Parker M3B and M4* motors provide longer life in demanding applications that require pressures up to 230 bar, high speed up to 4000 rpm and low fluid lubricity. They were formerly made by Denison Hydraulics before they joined the Parker Group.

The vane, rotor and cam ring are pressure-balanced to increase the motor lifetime and efficiency over the full speed range.

The full Parker M3B and M4 series comprises:

  • M3B | M3B1 models in displacements from 9 cc/rev to 36 cc/rev
  • M4C | M4C1 | M4SC | M4SC1 models in displacements from 24 cc/rev to 75 cc/rev
  • M4D | M4D1 | M4SD | M4SD1 in displacements from 62 cc/rev to 138 cc/ rev
  • M4E | M4E1  M4SE | M4SE1 in displacements from 153 cc/rev to 214 cc / rev
  • M4DC | M4DC1 | M4SDC | M4SDC1 – see M4C|C1|SC|SC1 and M4D|D1|SD|SD1

Features and benefits include:

  • Improved performance – when operating at very low speeds the vane motor exhibits very low torque ripple
  • Enhanced lifetime – Parker M3B and M4 vane motors maintain their high volumetric throughout their operating life
  • Easy Installation – high starting torque efficiency allows these motors to start under high load without pressure overshoots, jerks and high instantaneous horsepower
  • Reversible rotation – motors may be stopped or reversed repeatedly and rapidly, driving or braking the connected shaft load at controlled torque levels.

Because of its unequal size cartridges, the M4DC is capable of 3-speed operation. This makes it well suited to traction drive circuits to replace manually shifted gear-boxes. Two-speed motors are available in a wider range of ratios than standard gear motors.

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