Parker M5 Series Motors – Heavy Duty Vane Motors


Parker M5 series vane motors offer a very compact solution. They were formerly made by Denison Hydraulics before they joined the Parker Group. Their built-in valves allow them to turn into complete hydraulic cooling units, allowing optimal performances, time and money savings.

The full Parker M5 series comprises:

  • M5A | M5AS | M5ASF models in displacements from 6 cc/rev to 25 cc/rev
  • M5AF model in 7 displacements from 6 cc/ rev to 25 cc/rev
  • M5B | M5BS | M5BF models in displacements from 12 cc/ rev to 45 cc/rev

Features and benefits of the Parker Denison M5* series include:

  • Better energy efficiency: the high starting torque efficiency of the vane type motors allows them to start under high load without pressure overshoots, jerks and high instantaneous horsepower loads
  • Quieter noise level: the 2 vanes and a patented cartridge design ensures a very low noise level regardless of speed
  • Expanded working life: the uni-directional version of the vane motor is designed with an internal valve that allows smooth dynamic braking, a very simple hydraulic circuit and no risk of motor cavitation
  • Easier installation: a selection of well-proven Parker electro-hydraulic valves are adding even more functionalities. Being directly integrated into the motor they offer the best technical performances and the lowest cost of installation.

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