Parker Nichols 110A Motor – Medium Duty, Thru-Shaft


The Parker Nichols 110A is a rugged, low speed high torque orbital motor and the most compact in its class. Its unique drive train has low internal stresses and long life.

Thru shafts are available for brakes and encoders. The motor design incorporates a unique solid, one-piece shaft that eliminates the torque link utilised by other orbital motors. This means greatly reduced internal spline stresses, increasing motor life and the ability to withstand rapid reversals.

The Parker Nichols 110A motor has a 1 1/4″ nominal shaft and is available with displacements ranging from 59 cc/ rev to 395 cc/rev as: 110A036 | 110A054 | 110A071 | 110A088 | 110A106 | 110A164 | 110A189 | 110A241

Features and benefits include:

  • Carries up to 1450 lbs, dynamic side load at key
  • Robust construction for longer life
  • A pressure-loaded power element for high volumetric efficiency
  • A wear-compensated design for maintaining high volumetric efficiency
  • Up to 800 Nm  of torque through a one-piece solid fixed axis shaft
  • Full stationary spline contact between shaft and rotor, minimising spline contact stresses for exceptionally long life
  • Shaft can be extended through the rear cover for mounting parking brakes, auxiliary drive functions or encoders for speed readout or closed loop control
  • Low internal pressure drop means high mechanical efficiency and higher flow capability

Contact us for further technical details and configuration options.

Download the Parker Nichols 110A Technical Catalogue >>>

Parker Nichols 110A Motor036054071088106129164189241      
Displacement (cm³/rev) 598911614417421169310395
Max speed (rev/min)898942716787654537423420288
Max cont. oil flow (l/min) 45.460.675.775.775.775.775.775.775.7
Max int. oil flow (l/min)5383.383.3113.6113.6113.6113.6113.6113.6
Max cont. pressure (bar) 172172172172155155138121121
Max int. pressure (bar)20720720720719172172172155
Max supply pressure (bar)276276276276276276276276276
Max cont. torque (Nm)126199278348380458517627622
Max int. torque (Nm)152241329406451509617651800
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