Parker Nichols M2 Motor – High Speed Gerotor


The Parker Nichols M2 series is a versatile, high speed gerotor motor with a wide range of smooth-operating speeds. It is capable of running on low viscosity fluids and has high starting torque.

Six displacements are available from 13.9 cc/rev to 83.2 cc/rev: M2-085 | M2-127  | M2-169 | M2-254 | M2-339 | M2-508

The Parker Nichols M2 series features operating speeds of 15 to 5000 rpm and intermittent pressures to 2400 psi.

Features and benefits include:

  • High starting torque (typically 90% of running torque)
  • Smooth operation at this wide range of speeds
  • Contamination resistant
  • Operation with low viscosity fluids
  • Simple design (two rotating parts in power element)
  • Extended operating life and low noise level
  • Heavy duty bearings capable of withstanding radial and thrust loads

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