Parker Premier Series Pumps – Quiet Version


The Parker Premier Quiet series high-pressure piston pump is now a legacy product line – but we are still able to supply. Parker’s PVplus series product pump range covers all displacements and is an ideal alternative.

Parker Premier series quiet pumps are variable displacement open loop piston pumps. Low inlet velocity requirements allow the pumps to run fast without the added expense of boosting the inlet. Modified pistons that reduce the amount of trapped fluid volume result in improved efficiency.

Premier Series pumps operate in a wide range of industries where variable flow, high pressure and/or high speeds are required such as: presses, construction machinery, injection moulding, wood, aircraft, drilling, mining, steel and cranes.

The Parker Premier quiet pump operates in any position. For vertical mounting with shaft upward, it is recommended that a 5 psi (0,3 bar) check valve be installed in the case drain port and that the air bleed port be connected to the reservoir in order to circulate oil past the shaft bearing.

Features and benefits:

  • Superior performance
  • Highest pressure rating on the market (for comparable pumps)
  • High-pressure shaft seal to enable higher case pressure without external leakage
  • Fast compensator response that minimizes pressure overshoot
  • Design and flexibility
  • Full power thru drive
  • Wide variety of control options
  • Mounting flange in both SAE and ISO
  • Seals available in buna nitrile, Viton® and EPR
  • Compatible with non-water-based fluids ranging in viscosity
  • Increased durability
  • Precision barrel bearing to absorb radial forces for long operation
  • Heavy-duty shaft bearing to absorb side and thrust loads

Technical characteristics of Parker Premier Quiet series:

  • Continuous pressure rating up to 6,000 psi
  • Intermittent pressure rating up to 7,250 psi
  • Five frame sizes (80 cc, 110 cc, 140 cc, 200 cc, 260 cc)
  • Maximum speed of 2,550 rpm

Contact us for further technical details and configuration options on Parker Premier and PVplus pumps.

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