Parker SBV3 Series Pulsation Dampeners


Parker SBV3 pulsation dampers are for use on low pressure fuel systems, typically in marine and power generation applications, to reduce pressure pulses, up to 40 bar/ 2.5 litres.

The patented technology offered by the Parker SBV3 pulsation damper removes all risks and maintenance associated with pressurised gas and no pre-charge is required as silicone particles are used instead.

Parker SBV3 series pulsation dampeners are available as types: SBV3 0.5-40/00-AS2KM-100 | SBV3 1.0-40/13-AS2KM-100 | SBV3 2.5-40/11-AS2KL-100

Features and benefits include:

  • Longevity: the new generation of SBV has a life 35% longer than the SBV2. The new stem adapter reduces the risk of leakage; 2 to 3 times lower than the SBV2 and an improved strainer prevents silicone parts from entering the fuel system.
  • Easy to install and use: the SBV3 is installed on the diesel engine inlet outlet or outlet fuel lines. The bottom side is connected to the fuel system and the external connection on the top side, to a spill detection system. No additional fluids or gas pre-charge are required and its lightweight construction makes it easier to handle and transport.
  • Improved safety: The new stem adapter with 2 sealing zones significantly reduces the risk of hot fluid contact during inspection and maintenance. Its high pressure safety factor and enhanced leak prevention also provide improved safety features.
  • Efficiency and reliability: The new SBV3 has a product lifetime 35% longer than its former model the SBV3. A robust shell design and improved stem adapter optimise this product for high stress and fatigue.
  • Extending system life and cost savings: The reduction of pressure peaks in the fuel system will prevent damage to pumps/instrumentation and reduce the costs associated with system maintenance and repair.

Technical specifications:

  • Maximum operating pressure: 40 bar
  • Body material:  all parts in carbon steel with Epoxy paint for shell only (11)
  • Valve size: No gas valve, pipe connection 8mm | No gas valve, pipe connection 10mm
  • Fluid type: Fluid Type 1 CE Fluid Group 1
  • Elastomer material: compound S2 type HNBR
  • Weight: 3kg | 6kg | 10g

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