Ronzio Fan Drive Motor

External Gear Motor – Aluminium Gear Motor


The Ronzio fan drive motor enables the fan speed to be controlled independently from the engine speed. In other words, the cooling power is supplied exactly as required. Moreover, this hydraulic system is safe and flexible and can be located remotely from the engine.

In the event of an electric system failure, an integrated control system ensures that the fan speed is automatically adjusted to maximum cooling power. Above all, this prevents the engine from overheating and avoids costly engine repair.

Key features: precise control of the fan speed. Integrated control with reduced dimensions. Flexibility and long working life. And moreover, reversible fan direction for cleaning the cooling unit and noise reduction.

Ronzio fan drive motor are available as:
  • Fixed ratio: the fan speed depend proportionally on engine speed.
  • Two-speed system: for designs needing two speed with big fans.
  • Adjustable fan speed: used in a complex system where accurate and independent fan speed regulation is needed.
  • It offers the possibility of reversing the fan direction to clean the cooling unit.
Ronzio’s fan drive system is available with: European, Bosch and SAE flanges, integrated bearing support, electronic control units and temperature sensors.

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