Ronzio Z2 Series Aluminium Pump and Motor

External Gear Pump – Aluminium / External Gear Motor – Aluminium


Ronzio Z2 series pumps and motors are made in 3 pieces with an extruded aluminium body. The cast iron covers give the pump a longer life and helps reduce noise levels.

Other technical features and data for the Ronzio Z2 series include:

  • Cast iron covers for high performances;
  • Extruded aluminium body;
  • Maximum continuous working pressures: up to 300-bar/4351 psi;
  • Axial compensation for maximum efficiency;
  • High volumetric efficiency: 95% average;
  • Capacities from 4 up to 31cc/rpm – 0.244 to 1.891 cu in/rpm;
  • Reduced noise levels thanks to the tooth profile of the gear;
  • Wide range of flanges, shafts and connections compatible with most of the market standards;
  • High and low temperatures seals available;
  • Unidirectional and bi-directional pump and motor;
  • Option of fixed or adjustable rated maximum pressure valve;
  • Multiple pump combinations possible.
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