Salami VD8A Cast Iron Monoblock Valve

Directional Monoblock Valves – Cable Operated / Electronically Operated / Lever Operated / Oil Operated


The Salami VD8A series sectional direct control valves are constructed in cast-iron (inlet section, working section, outlet section). Moreover, they feature up to 8 working sections with interchangeable spools constructed in hardened and nickel-plated steel.

Salami VD8A general features:

  • load check valve protection on each section
  • auxiliary valve either on port A or B or on both
  • power beyond (HPCO) configuration
  • several types of spool: double and single-acting, spool motor, float position, regenerative position etc.
  • several spool control and spool positioning devices
  • on-off electric control with manual override and emergency unloading valve

Technical details for the 1 to 8 section Salami VD8A series are as follows:

  • 350bar / 5070 psi operating pressure
  • 90 litres/minute maximum flow per section
  • P/S/T circuit
  • 75 litres/minute nominal flow
  • 350 bar / 5070 psi maximum operating pressure – P
  • 350 bar / 5100 psi maximum operating pressure – A/B
  • 25 bar / 360psi, maximum operating pressure – T

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