Staffa HMF Motors


The three-speed Staffa HMF motors have three pre-set displacements which can be chosen from a wide range to suit specific application requirements.

The range comprises 4 frame sizes in standard: HMF 100 | HMF 200 | HMF 270 | HMF 325 and 3 heavy duty frame sizes: HMHDF 200 | HMHDF 270 | HMHDF 325  – offering displacements from 1,475 cc/rev to 5,326cc /rev.

Motor TypeMax Torque @ 275 bar (Nm)Continuous Shaft Power (kW)
HMF100 6325138
HMF200 12820174
HMF325 22110189

Kawasaki “Staffa” high torque, low speed radial piston motors use hydrostatic balancing techniques to achieve high efficiency, combined with good breakout torque and smooth running capability.

Key features include:

  • 3 displacement modes
  • freewheel options available
  • high torque at low speed
  • smooth running
  • wide range of displacements to suit specific applications
  • dynamic displacement changes with ease when the motor is running
  • speed sensing options

Contact us for further technical details and configuration options.

Download the Staffa HMF Technical Catalogue >>> 

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