Sunfab SAP 012 – 108 DIN Single Flow Pumps


Sunfab SAP pumps are a DIN standard series of light weight fixed displacement axial piston pumps. They have a compact design and are suitable for demanding mobile hydraulic applications, offering excellent flow performance and pressure efficiency.

SAP 012 – 108 DIN pumps are available in 10 displacements from 12 cc/rev to 108 cc/rev:  SAP012 | SAP017 | SAP025 | SAP034 | SAP040 | SAP047 | SAP056 | SAP064 | SAP084 | SAP108

Maximum pressure is 400 bar across the series.

Theoretical oil flow ranges from 6.3 to 54 litres/minute at 500 rpm, and from 18.9 to 162 litres/minute at 1500 rpm.

Maximum continuous pump speed ranges from 1600 to 2300 rpm, while intermittent speed ranges from 2100 to 3000 rpm.

Other features of Sunfab SAP pumps include:

  • Light weight metal casing design;
  • Smooth operation over the entire speed range;
  • Long life material selection on bearings, seals, etc;
  • Corrosion free light metal-housing;
  • Less heat generation as a result of improved heat dissipation through the pump housing.

Download the Sunfab SAP 012 – 108 DIN Technical Catalogue >>>

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