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Sunfab, founded in Sweden, has over 70 years of experience in the hydraulics industry, specialising in reliable, high performance hydraulic pumps, motors and accessories.

Sunfab Hydraulics is a Swedish company that specializes in the design and manufacture of hydraulic pumps and motors. Established in 1925, they have been manufacturing hydraulic equipment since 1952.

The company offers a wide range of hydraulic equipment for mobile hydraulics. The product range includes: single flow pumps, dual flow pumps, motors, variable pumps and a range of hydraulic accessories and components. Moreover, Sunfab manufactures a diverse range of hydraulic components, including: connections, gearboxes, suspensions, adapters / PTOs, valves for pumps/motors and speed sensors.

Sunfab has a reputation for producing high-quality products that are durable, reliable, and efficient, making them a popular choice for many hydraulic systems. 

Sunfab Hydraulics

The third generation of the Sundins are still running the company in the spirit of Eric Sundin, its founder. The company’s head office is located in Hudiksvall, Sweden, however Sunfab’s subsidiary companies can also be found in Germany, France, the UK, Spain and the USA.

Sunfab covers a large number of industries, including mobile equipment, agricultural machinery, and industrial applications. The company provides an extensive range suitable for transportation and materials handling machinery, such as dump trucks, refuse collectors, forestry vehicles, emergency response vehicles, plant machinery, fishing boat winches and hydraulic compaction equipment.

The company is committed to providing exceptional quality for their customers. Since 1995, Sunfab have help an ISO 9001 accreditation, and strive to reduce their environmental impact through reliable, efficient products and sustainable industrial manufacturing processes.

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Sunfab Hydraulics Product Range


Sunfab SAM 010 – 130 DIN Axial Piston Motors

Sunfab SAM motors are a range of light weight casing axial piston motors that are especially suitable for mobile hydraulic…


Sunfab SAP 012 – 108 DIN Single Flow Pumps

Sunfab SAP pumps are a DIN standard series of light weight fixed displacement axial piston pumps. They have a compact…


Sunfab SAP012 – SAP108 DIN Optimised Pumps

SAP012-108 DIN Optimised is a series of light weight casing piston pumps with a fixed displacement for demanding mobile hydraulics.…


Sunfab SAPT090 SAPT130 DIN Single Flow Pumps

Sunfab SAPT090 and SAPT130 DIN pumps are an addition to the standard SAP series. They support larger flows and pressures…


Sunfab SCM 010 -130 ISO Axial Piston Motors

Sunfab SCM 010-130 motors are a range of robust axial piston motors with ISO mountings that are especially suitable for…


Sunfab SCP ISO Single Flow Pumps

Sunfab SCP ISO pumps are a standard series of fixed displacement axial piston pumps with ISO covers. They are suitable…


Sunfab SCPD 56 / 26 DIN By-Pass Pumps

Sunfab SCPD 56 / 26 by-pass dual flow pumps have two separate flows and a directly mounted by-pass valve. This…


Sunfab SLPD 20/20 – 64/32 DIN Dual Flow Pumps

Sunfab SLPD 20/20-64/32 DIN is a series of in-line dual flow pumps with extremely low noise levels for demanding mobile…


Sunfab SVH Variable Displacement Pumps

Sunfab SVH pumps are variable displacement pumps designed to be direct mounted on to the auxiliary drive (PTO) of commercial…


Sunfab Hydraulics News and Insights

Discover Sunfab SAP DIN Optimised

Sunfab SAP DIN optimised is a modern, compact, fixed displacement pump suited to even the most demanding of mobile applications. Higher speed properties and lower noise levels mean this pump is suitable for electric motor drives.

It meets the market’s high demands on flow performance, pressure, efficiency and small installation dimensions. It is either mounted directly on the power take-off or on a frame bracket via an intermediate shaft.

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