Walvoil Galtech GMV15 Monoblock Valves


The Walvoil Galtech GMV15 is a one section monoblock valve that is suitable for a large range of applications. The valve has a particularly compact construction making it suitable for uses where minimised dimensions and simplicity are both required. The GMV15 is similar in design to the Q15 valve, and can also be configured in 1 to 4 sections.

Features of the GMV15 include:

  • It can be fitted with manual and electric push-pull controls
  • Solenoid unloader valve is available
  • Type “Y” free flow gallery
  • Spool can be turned 180 degrees
  • Option to reverse the control side
  • High resistance cast-iron body
  • Parallel circuit arrangement

Key technical details:

  • Nominal flow rating: 15 litres/minute (4 US gallons/minute)
  • Maximum pressure: 280 bar (4050 psi)
  • Number of sections: up to 4
  • Pitch: 28mm (1.10 inches)

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