Walvoil SVM400EMD Lever-Operated Joystick


The Walvoil SVM400EMD is a lever-operated joystick control. This product offers the same versatility as the SVM400 but is also equipped with electromagnetic detent to allow for continuity of port operations.


This joystick control is typically used to control double-acting spools within a floating circuit. This double function valve can be fitted with several styles of hand-operated levers and protective rubber bellows. The Walvoil SVM400EMD system is suitable for applications where long-lasting reliability is required of system components.


SVM400EMD key technical details:
  • Product type: electromagnetic detent lever
  • Number of ports: 4
  • Maximum flow rating: 20 litres/minute (5.2 US gallons/minute)
  • Maximum pressure: 100 bar (1450 psi)

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