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Parker V16 Series is the next generation of variable displacement, bent-axis motors. It further develops Parker’s well-known V12 and V14 hydraulic motor series. Three reasons to choose this efficient hydraulic motor for your mobile application

It is designed for both open and closed circuit transmissions focusing on high-performance machines and demanding mobile applications. Rigorous product testing and continuous product development help to ensure Parker hydraulic motors operate at optimum efficiency and outperform in the most demanding environments.

Fuel and cost savings

The V16 is one of the most efficient variable bent-axis motor on the market. Designed with the ability to stroke to zero displacements, delivers superior fuel savings and a reduced environmental footprint.

Outstanding performance

V16 high-speed motors offer superior performance, outstanding efficiency and speed capability throughout the entire displacement range. The V16 gives OEMs and design engineers full controllability and high output power with installation and fine-tuning easier than ever before.

Optimal control under extreme conditions

The V16 variable motor offers a world-class displacement ratio (5.5:1). This increased working range of displacement gives very high resolution which equates to improved accuracy and controllability.

Perfect for a variety of applications including transmission, winches and drilling and optimal for a wide range of industries including: agriculture, mining, construction, oil and gas, marine and offshore.

Discover what makes the Parker V16 variable displacement motor “the fastest in the world”.

This article was contributed by Parker Hannifin’s US Hydraulic’s Team. Licensing for the images came with permission from the Parker Hannifin Media Manager collection.

Find out more about Parker V16 variable displacement axial piston motors here.

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