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    Hydac Proportional Valves

    Hydac Proportional Valves

    Hydac proportional valves…

    Hydac ValvesProportional valves are electronically actuated so that the outlet valve is altered to equal the ratio of the inlet valve.

    Hydac’s proportional valve range comprises:

    Proportional pressure relief valves: PDBM06020, PDB08P, PDB10P, PDB12P, PDB16P, PDB08, PZPDB10, PZPDB12, PZPDB16PZ, PDBM10120AP, PDB12121PE, PDB12121PF, PDB16221PE, PDB16SPF, VP-PDB6 and VP-PDBP10.

    Proportional pressure reducing valves: PDR08-01, PDR08-02, PDR08-50, PDM08130, PDR08P, PDR10P, PDMC05S30A, PDMC04S30D, PDMC10S30P, PDR10PZ and VP-PDRP6.

    Proportional needle valves, poppet type: PWS06020-01X, PWSM06020W, PWS08Z, PWS10Z, PWS16Z and PWS10ZR.

    Proportional needle valves, spool type: PWKC08-01X, PWKD08120-01X, PWK10120V, PWK06020W, PWK12120W and PWK12120WP.

    Proportional flow valves: PSDZ12120, PSRZ12-201, PSRZ12-202, PSRZ12-203, PSRZ12-301, PSRZ12-302, PSRZ12-303, PSRW12 and VP-P2SRE6.

    Proportional directional valves: P4WR6E, P4WE6, P4WE10, P4WEE6, P4WEE10, P4WRE6, P4WRE10, P4WR10E, P4WEH, P4WEHE and P4WEHRE.

    Don’t worry if you’re not sure on what sort of proportional valve you need; our experienced team will be able to determine the one that will be best suited to your application.