Argo-Hytos Valves and Solenoid Systems

The comprehensive portfolio of Argo Hytos valves is suited to all areas of hydraulic engineering and related industries. For details regarding individual models, keep scrolling to our products section; for a general overview of the valve range, keep reading.

Directional Control Valves

Directional control valves enable the management of fluid direction within a hydraulic circuit, and hence they can both shut off or control of the orientation of movement of their appliances.

These Argo Hytos valves can be specified with hydraulic, manual, pilot, roller or solenoid operation. Fitment styles vary depending on the application – comprising modular, poppet, screw-in, slip-in and spool types. This range is operative up to 600 litres per minute.

Check Valves

Check valves ensure that the flow of hydraulic fluid travels in only one direction. A benefit of their use is protecting a pump from a backflow of fluid caused by the loading up the appliance. These valves also hold the position of a load, even when the pressure source is switched off.

Argo Hytos check valves can come in several configurations, including logic valves; load shuttle valves; one-way throttling valves and pilot to open and pilot to close valves.

Pressure Control Valves:

Pressure control valves enable the regulation of system pressure to, for example, adjust the force on a hydraulic piston rod or the torque on a hydraulic motor shaft. Pressure relief valves are used to set the maximum pressure in the circuit to protect it from overloading. Pressure reducing valves maintain a permanent decrease in pressure output from a hydraulic system. This protects appliances from being over-pressurised. Unloading valves are designed for economical pressure control in accumulator-operated circuits where it is serving as a power source for emergency control.

The Argo Hytos pressure control range covers a broad spectrum of applications and functionalities. Valves are available as a poppet type, spool type, direct acting, pilot operated, reverse flow check or sequence unloading types.

Flow Control Valves:

Flow control valves enable a throttling function upon the flow rate in a hydraulic system. Thus, they can be used to modulate the speed of a piston rod, or the shaft speed of a hydraulic motor. This is done by restricting the flow cross-section size within the valve. Valves with pressure drop stabilization maintain a set flow independent on the change in external load on the appliance.

The Argo Hytos range includes numerous options for specialised flow control. Variations include: needle restrictor valves, double throttle check valves, 2 and 3 way flow regulators and flow control divider or combiner valves.

Motion Control Valves

Motion control valves increase machine stability in a hydraulic system. They safely regulate the movement of a load in the event of a negative force accelerating the travel of a mechanism, e.g if the load is started using lifting devices.

Argo Hytos offer these valves in with partial or full balancing, and with the option of internal drainage. All valves are over-centre.

Proportional Valves

Proportional valves enable continual, combined control of flow and pressure within a hydraulic system. It manages a change in pressure or flow with the same proportional change across all outputs.

Argo Hytos valves includes an electronic control unit mounted into the valve housing or separately in an electrical cabinet. The come in a number of configurations including direct acting valves; pilot operating valves; manual operation; reducing – relieving valves; 2 and 3 way compensators and 4/3 way proportional control valves.

Please contact us for technical advice and configuration options on Argo Hytos valves and solenoid systems – we’ll be delighted to help!