Argo Hytos Flow Control Valves


Argo Hytos flow control valves enable a throttling of the flow rate. This helps the control of piston rod velocity, or the shaft speed of a hydraulic motor by varying the flow cross-section. Valves with pressure drop stabilization maintain a set flow independent on the change in external load on the appliance.

The full check valve range covers a number of different specializations depending on the customer’s requirements. The full line up is as follows:

  • Needle restrictor valves, and valves with a reverse flow check function, are as follows:
    • ST21A-B2, ST2(C)1A-A2, VSV2 and VSO1-04/R models
  • The double throttle check valve range comprises:
    • VSO1-04/M, 2VS3-06 and VSO3-10/M models
  • Cartridge design flow control valves:
    • VSK series valves – utilising an in line mounting design.
  • 2-way flow regulators comprising:
    • SF22A-A2/H, SF22A-B2/H, SF2C2A-K2/l, VS S1-206, VS S2-206, VSS3-062/S and VSS3-062/M models
  • 3-way flow regulator range:
    • VSS1-306, SF32A-B3 and SF32A-K3/l models
  • Flow divider/ combiner valves comprising:
    • SFD2F-B4/l and SFD2F-D4/l models

Please contact us for details, advice and configuration options, or if you cannot see the Argo Hytos flow control valves that you need.

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