Argo Hytos Motion Control Valves


Hydraulic valves are components used for the control of hydraulic circuits. The Argo Hytos motion control valves enable the safe regulation of load movement. An example of this function may be when a load is initially moved using lifting devices or winches

These pressure valves are designed for the controlled lowering of a load if the load acts negatively, i.e. in the direction of the actuator movement. The negatively acting force accelerates the actuator movement (piston in the cylinder or shaft rotation of hydraulic motor). It could lead to a loss of control over the system and consequently to an accident. The valves are designed as directly operated pressure relief valve with a bypass check valve and the valve opening using an external pressure signal taken from the input branch of the actuator. The valve provides the controlled load lowering, load positioning when the system stops and blocking the actuator movements, if there is a pipe burst.

The valves are mounted directly onto the actuator or in its close proximity. The valves are offered in various design options.

The full model line up follows:

  • Standard over-centre valves:
    • Comprising SO5A-Q3/I, SO5A-R3/I and SO5A-T3/I models
  • Partially balanced over-centre valves:
    • Comprising SOP5A-Q3/I, SOP5A-R3/I and SOP5A-T3/I models
  • Fully balanced over-centre valves:
    • Comprising SOB5A-Q3/I, SOB5A-R3/I and SOB5A-S3/I models
  • Fully balanced over-centre valves with internal drainage:
    • Comprising SOBD5A-R4/I and SOBD5A-S4/I models

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