Argo Hytos Check Valves


Argo Hytos check valves are designed to enable flow of the fluid in one direction only. They protect hydraulic components from a backflow of fluid caused by the load on the appliance.

Control of the check valve secures the position of a load when the pressure source is switched off. Logic valves connect circuit branches depending on the pressure range.

The full range of these Argo Hytos valves is as follows:

  • Logical 3 way check valves: SH1F-A3 series
  • Load shuttle valves comprising: LV1-043, LV2-043, LV1-063/S and LV1-063/M models
  • Standard check valves: VJO1-06/S, SC1F-A3, VJO1-04/M, SC1F-A2, MVJ3-06, VJO1-10/S, MVJ3-10, SC1F-B2, SC1F-C2 and VJ3 models
  • Check valves with one-way throttling: VJS3 model
  • Pilot operated check valves with a pilot to open comprising: RJV1-05, VJR1-04/M, 2RJV1-06/M,  VJR3-10/M, SC5H-BP3 and SC5H-CP3 models
  • Pilot operated check valves compatible with in-line mounting: IC5H

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