Fluidlink Hydraulics & Smiths Industries Style Power Packs

Smiths Industries, later renamed as Smiths Group Plc, withdrew from the hydraulics market in 2002 – leaving behind a customer base with no access to their former product range.

Other UK manufacturers stepped in to fill the space and satisfy the demand left behind – including the former Fluidlink Hydraulics. These companies designed and manufactured their own direct equivalents to the former Smiths Industries hydraulic power pack range.

As such, ‘Smiths Industries power packs’, are still employed in numerous mobile and industrial settings today – thanks to the production of these modern-day replacements. Applications include: specialist vehicles, tippers and trailers, mobility lifts, waste recycling machinery to name but a few.

The Hydraulics Online team have worked with the Smiths Industries power pack range since our own inception in 2004. We have a strong track record in designing and supplying units to customers all over the world.

Today, our range includes a standard range of AC and DC hydraulic power packs to suit any application. These power packs incorporate flexible circuitry using modular and custom designed components. This means that each assembly to be customised to meet specific system requirements.

You can find an overview of our range here. Contact us now for customisation and configuration options, or if you need a bespoke power pack or unit as part of a larger hydraulic system design.