Walvoil Sectional Valves

Walvoil sectional valves offer options for modular sections, parallel, series and tandems, port service valve pre-arrangement and adjustable regulating flow and pressure intermediate sections…

The range of sectional valves comprises

  • Walvoil SD6 ‑ DLS7: Small, compact and flexible, these Walvoil sectional valves are the ideal hydraulic control valve for cranes, booms for brush cutters, mini‑excavators, back‑hoe excavators, small and medium chipping machines and overhead platforms. The load‑sensing DLS7 is installed on platforms as well as vertical and horizontal drilling rigs.
  • Walvoil SD8 ‑ DLS8: The technical features, flow rate and pressure limit make the SD8 ideal for numerous applications, but particularly for cranes, telescopic boom fork lifts, back‑hoe excavators and compactors. The load‑sensing DLS8 is used with a manual control kit in vertical and horizontal drilling rigs and in front‑loaders.
  • Walvoil SDS100: Mainly designed for mini‑excavators, allowing different circuits with high technology, thanks to the compact size related to the flow, proportional controls and the versatility.
  • Walvoil SDS140: A robust, versatile and compact sectional valve. This product is designed for open-centre and closed-centre hydraulic systems with fixed or variable displacement pumps.
  • Walvoil SDS180 – DLS180: Ideal for applications such as: large backhoe loaders, agricultural loaders, forest cranes, as well as urban refuse compactors. The DLS180 valve is the load-sensing version of the two valves.
  • Walvoil SDS400: for high flow, open-centre hydraulic systems.
  • Walvoil SDS150: With a simple and rugged design, this hydraulic valve is mounted on travelling vehicles, agricultural loaders, forest cranes and container trailers.
  • Walvoil SD16 ‑ DLS16: The SD16 is the ideal partner for large back hoe loaders, agricultural loaders, forest cranes, as well as city trash compactors. DLS16 is the load‑sensing version.
  • Walvoil SD25: This hydraulic valve is utilized on large container fork lifts, crane trucks, compactors, drain machines, large agricultural loaders and earth moving equipment.

The Galtech and Hydrocontrol brands have now joined the Walvoil group, bringing their sectional valves into the Walvoil offering:

  • Galtech sectional valves: GSV50, Q130, Q160, Q30, Q50, Q80
  • Hydrocontrol sectional valves: D4, D6, D9, D12, D16, D20, D25, D40, D3M, DVS10, DVS14, DVS16, DVS20

Please contact us for further technical details and configuration options or if you cannot see the Walvoil sectional valves that you need listed – we’ll be delighted to help!