Argo Hytos GP3 Gear Pump


Argo Hytos GP3 gear pumps are a high strength, quality aluminium, external gear pump with axial play compensation. The flange and cover are made of gray cast iron.

These pumps use a 12-tooth gear to ensure a low level of noise. The maximum driving moment of a multi-sectional group of pumps is 340 Nm. The maximum torque transferred by the coupling between sections is 190 Nm.

The GP3 series is available in 12 displacements  : GP3 10 | GP3 13,5 | GP3 17 | GP1 22,5 | GP3 27 | GP3 34 | GP3 43 | GP3 51 | GP3 61 | GP3 71 | GP3 82 | GP3 100

Across the range, the maximum continuous pressure is 290 bar and peak pressure is 320 bar. Minimum speed is 350 rpm, maximum is 3200 rpm.

These pumps have a volumetric efficiency of up to 98%

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