Atlantic Fluid Tech Relief Valves


Atlantic Fluid Tech relief valves have rated flows from 1 to 500 litres/minute, maximum pressures from 350 to 460 bar and cartridge or in-line installation.

All Atlantic Fluid Tech valves are fully accredited to ISO 9001-2008, ISO 14001-2015, ISO 45001-2020; these certifications testify to the company’s commitment to build a business model combining technological innovation with respect of its human resources. Equally, all equipment is available on short delivery times at competitive prices. Suitable for a broad range of mobile and industrial applications, typical sectors include agriculture and service machines, earth moving machines, drilling and lifting equipment, industrial vehicles and, industrial automation.

The range comprises:

  • Direct-acting, poppet type: CPLN-005-DPNA | CPLN-010-DHNA | KPLN-010-DPNA | CPLN-020-DPNA | KPLN-020-DPNA | CPLN-030-DPNA | CPLN-030-DHNA  | CPLN-030-DHAA | KPLN-030-DPNA | CPLN-080-DPNA | KPLN-080-DPNA | CPLN-120-DPNA | CPLN-090-DHGA | CPLN-160-DHGA
  • Direct-acting, poppet type, compensated: CPLT-030-DPNA | CPLT-030-DHNA | CPLT-080-DHNA
  • Direct-acting, poppet type, chamber vented: CPLT-080-DHNA
  • Differential, poppet type:  CPLN-040-DHGD | CPLN-150-DHGD | KPLN-150-DHGD | CPLN-250-DHGD | KPLN-250-DHGD
  • Direct-acting, poppet type, anticavitation: CPAN-090-DHGA D | CPAN-160-DHGA
  • Pilot operated, spool type: CPLN-120-PSNA | KPLN-120-PSNA | CPLN-300-PSNA | CPLN-500-PHNA P | CPLV-120-PSNA
  • Pilot operated, spool type, compensated: CPLT-120-PSNA
  • Direct-acting, poppet type, kick down type: CPSK-001-PPNA

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