B & C Hydraulics B1-B2 Series Vane Pumps


B & C Hydraulics B1 – B2 series vane pumps are suitable for the most demanding of industrial and mobile hydraulic systems. The design provides versatile, reliable, high long-term volumetric efficiency and low noise levels.

Displacements range from 3.29 cc/rev up to 42.44 cc/rev, with working pressure of up to 175 bar and speed range of up to 4800 rpm; a wide choice of shafts flanges and ports are available complying with SAE standards.

B & C B1 pumps are available in eight different versions: B1G10, B1G15, B1G20, B1G30, B1G40, B1G50, B1G60, B1G70 – from 1 to 7 gpm at 1200 rpm, with maximum power of up to 18 kW;

B & C B2 pumps are available in seven different versions: B2G06, B2G07, B2G08, B2G09, B2G11, B2G12, B2G13 – from 6 to 13 gpm at 1200 rpm, with maximum power of up to 27 kW.

Both are supplied with different mechanical and hydraulic connections for simple installation and complete interchangeability with other types of pump.

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