B & C Hydraulics BG20 Group 20 Gear Pumps


B & C Hydraulics BG20 Group 2 gear pumps have a double compensated pressure design and are equipped with DU bushing. Displacements range from 4.2 cc/rev up to 26.1 cc/rev, with working pressure up to 290 bar and speed range up to 4000 rpm.

The full series comprises: BG20-04 | BG20-06 | BG20-08 | BG20-11 | BG20-14 | BG20-17 BG20-20 | BG20-23 | BG20-26

A wide choice of shafts, flanges and ports are available, all complying with international standards (European, Bosch, SAE). An easy tandem kit, means multiple configurations are possible. B & C Hydraulics BG20 design also provides versatile, reliable, high long-term mechanical and volumetric efficiency, and easy maintenance.

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Download the B & C Hydraulics BG20 Group 2 Series Technical Catalogue >>

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