Bondioli & Pavesi HMP-HPP Axial Piston Pumps


Bondioli & Pavesi HMP-HPP pumps are variable displacement axial piston pumps for use in closed circuit applications. Suitable for a broad range of applications, typical sectors include power transmission, heat exchange, agriculture and service machines, construction and industrial use.

A variety of control options are available: direct manual, servo-assisted manual, remote hydraulic, remote hydraulic with feedback, on-off electric in closed centre and open centre configurations, proportional electric and hydraulic automotive.

Electronic control logic options include automotive, constant speed drive, shift-on-the-fly and feedback.

All pumps are IoT-ready and equipped with suitable sensors. Multiple units can be assembled using axial piston pumps of different sizes, and gear pumps. Possible configurations include circuits with built-in exchange valves and pressure relief valves.

The full HMP-HPP range covers pump displacements from 7 cc/rev to 150 cc/rev, with pressures up to 500 bar: PL | P0 | PZ | PZB | P1 | P1M | PS | PX | P2 | M3 | M4 | M4PV | P4 | P5 | P6 | P8 | P9

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