Bondioli & Pavesi HPG Gear Pumps


Bondioli & Pavesi HPG gear pumps have a cast iron body and the option of incorporating a belt drive or fitting external mounts. Suitable for a broad range of applications, typical sectors include power transmission, heat exchange, agriculture and service machines, construction and industrial use.

Multiple pumps can be assembled, driven by one shaft. The multiple pumps can have individual inlet and outlet ports for each stage, or wherever possible a common inlet and seperate outlet ports.

The maximum speed of a multiple gear pump is limited by the lowest maximum speed of the individual sections.

HPG pumps have pressures up to 320 bar, and are available in 3 different group sizes with displacements from 4.5 cc/rev to 90 cc/rev. Single pumps are coded as follows: HPGPA2 | HPGPA3 | HPGPA4

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