Bondioli & Pavesi HPZ – HPX ‘MUST’ Gear Pumps


Bondioli & Pavesi HPZ (aluminium) and HPX (cast iron) gear pumps are from the silent, ‘MUST’, series. They are suitable for mobile and industrial applications where noise or noise pollution is an issue. These pumps are designed with the same modular logic as conventional pumps.

Multiple pumps can be assembled using silent stages together with conventional stages, and silent pumps can also be equipped with all the accessories available for other series. The maximum speed of a multiple gear pump is limited by the lowest maximum speed of the individual sections.

HPZ and HPX pumps have pressures up to 300 bar, with displacements from 6.1 cc/rev to 25.6 cc/rev. Single pumps are coded as HPZPA2 and HPXPA2

Download the Bondioli & Pavesi HPZ – HPX Technical Catalogue >>>

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