Bosch Rexroth LC and LFA Cartridge Valve – High Pressure


The high pressure Bosch Rexroth LFA and LC valve is a 2-way cartridge valve for directional function. It consists of an installation kit (LC) and a control cover (LFA).

The installation kit with A and B connections is installed into the manifold in a receiving hole standardised according to ISO 7368 and closed with a control cover. In most cases, the control cover is simultaneously the connection from the control side of the installation kit to the pilot control valve.

The valve is available in sizes: 16 | 25 | 32 | 40 | 50 | 63 | 80 | 100.

Other features of the Bosch Rexroth LFA / LC high pressure cartridge valve include:

  • Component series 6X and 7X;
  • Maximum operating pressure 450 bar;
  • Maximum flow 13,000 litres/minute;
  • Cartridge valves for pressure function / directional function;
  • Control cover for pressure function / directional function;
  • Attachment options for directional seat valve, directional spool valve or combination;

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