Bosch Rexroth A10VSO Piston Pump – Series 32


Bosch Rexroth A10VSO series 32 pump is a medium pressure, variable displacement axial piston pump. It has a swash plate design for use in open circuit hydrostatic drives in high power machines. Flow is proportional to the drive speed and the displacement; by adjusting the swashplate, the flow can be changed seamlessly.

The pump is available in the following sizes: 45 | 71 | 100 | 140 | 180 cc/rev. Nominal pressure is 280 bar and maximum pressure is 350 bar.

Other features of the Bosch Rexroth A10VSO series 32 axial piston pump include:

  • Through drive for mounting of further pumps up to same nominal size;
  • Approved for high speeds;
  • Increased functional reliability;
  • Hydrostatic unloading of cradle bearings;
  • Large variety of controls;
  • Low operating noise;
  • Connection for measuring sensor on the high-pressure port;
  • Low pressure pulsation;
  • High efficiency;
  • Universal through drive;
  • Low pressure pulsation;
  • High resistance to cavitation, suction pressure drops and housing pressure peaks.

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