Bosch Rexroth AA6VM Series 6x Axial Piston Motor


The Bosch Rexroth AA6VM series 6x axial piston motor is an all-purpose high pressure motor. It is for use in open and closed circuits and is approved for very high speeds.

This motor is available in a range of displacement sizes from 55cc/rev to 250cc/rev.

Other features of the Bosch Rexroth AA6VM series 6x motor include:

  • Nominal pressure up to 400 bar;
  • Maximum pressure up 450 bar;
  • SAE version (for the US market);
  • Robust motor with long service life;
  • Wide control range (can be swiveled to zero);
  • High torque;
  • Large variety of controls;
  • Optional attached flushing and boost-pressure valve;
  • Optional integrated or attached counterbalance valve;
  • Bent-axis design.

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AA6VM Series 63 Technical Catalogue >>> 

AA6VM Series 65 Technical Catalogue >>> 

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