Bosch Rexroth ABSBG Accumulator Stations


Bosch Rexroth ABSBG accumulator stations consist of a diaphragm or bladder-type accumulator with shut-off block on mounting elements. ABSBG accumulator stations comply with the applicable national rules and regulations in Europe (Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC) | China (Selo) | Russia (Gost). They have a nominal volume of 0.7 – 50 litres and a maximum operating pressure of 330 bar.

Other features of Bosch Rexroth ABSBG accumulator stations include:

  • Accumulator station with shut-off block
  • Diaphragm type accumulators
  • Shut-off block with integrated shut-off valve, safety valve (type-examination tested) and drain valve
  • Drain valve can be operated manually or optionally electrically
  • Glycerin-filled pressure gauge with red indication of the maximum admissible operating pressure on the dial
  • Console for weld or screw connection
  • Assembly prepared for external equipotential bonding

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