Bosch Rexroth Power Units

Bosch Rexroth power units and accessories are used in applications from space to deep-sea through to injection-moulding machines and steel works.

Offering low operating costs and a minimised CO2 foot-print, Bosch Rexroth power units also reduce noise emissions. The range includes:

  • Standard power units: ABSKG | ABMAG
  • Silent power units: ABFAG | ABFAG-V
  • Clamping and drive modules: UPE 2 | IH15BA | UPE 5 | IH15BB
  • Motor / pump assemblies: ABAPG-A10VSO…VP | ABHPG-A10VSO…VP | ABAPG-V7 | ABHPG-V7| ABAPG-A4VSO | ABAPG-A10VSO…VS | ABAPG
  • Accumulator stations: ABSBG
  • Filter cooler units: ABUKG | MFC3.
  • Cooling and heating elements: KOL | KOLP | ABUKG | MFC3
  • Pressure indicator units: MS | MSL | ABZMM
  • Float switches: ABZMS-35 | ABZMS-37 | ABZMS-41
  • Temperature switches: ABZMT
  • Dampers: SYPD and pulsation dampers.

Please contact us for details, advice and configuration options, if you cannot see the Bosch Rexroth power unit and accessories that you need listed below – we’ll still be able to help!

We also supply standard and custom power packs for mobile and industrial applications; click here to browse our standard hydraulic power pack range or contact us to find out more about our custom hydraulic power packs and system design service.