Bosch Rexroth Power Units

Bosch Rexroth power units and accessories are used in many applications from outer space to the depths of seabeds. The technology can be found in areas as versatile as injection-moulding machines or steelworking plants

Bosch have optimised their power units for operational efficiency, so customers can rely upon low running costs and a minimised CO2 foot-print. Bosch Rexroth power units also exhibit reduced noise emissions, making them applicable in enclosed environments and mobile usage. The full range includes:

  • Standard power units: ABSKG | ABMAG
  • Silent power units: ABFAG | ABFAG-V
  • Clamping and drive modules: UPE 2 | IH15BA | UPE 5 | IH15BB
  • Motor / pump assemblies: ABAPG-A10VSO…VP | ABHPG-A10VSO…VP | ABAPG-V7 | ABHPG-V7| ABAPG-A4VSO | ABAPG-A10VSO…VS | ABAPG
  • Accumulator stations: ABSBG
  • Filter cooler units: ABUKG | MFC3.
  • Cooling and heating elements: KOL | KOLP | ABUKG | MFC3
  • Pressure indicator units: MS | MSL | ABZMM
  • Float switches: ABZMS-35 | ABZMS-37 | ABZMS-41
  • Temperature switches: ABZMT
  • Dampers: SYPD and pulsation dampers.

Please contact us for details, advice and configuration options, if you cannot see the Bosch Rexroth power unit and accessories that you need listed below – we’ll still be able to help!

We also supply standard and custom power packs for mobile and industrial applications; click here to browse our standard hydraulic power pack range or contact us to find out more about our custom hydraulic power packs and system design service.