Bosch Rexroth HAD Diaphragm Type Accumulators


Bosch Rexroth HAD diaphragm type accumulators are used for energy storage, shock and vibration absorption, and leakage oil compensation or volume compensation in hydraulic systems.

They consist of a pressure-resistant vessel (high-tensile steel) the interior of which is split into a gas and a fluid side by an elastic diaphragm. When the operating pressure is increased, hydraulic fluid flows into the accumulator and compresses the gas until the gas pressure is identical to the fluid pressure. When the operating pressure is reduced, the gas expands again and feeds the hydraulic system with hydraulic fluid.

Bosch Rexroth HAD accumulators have a nominal volume of 0.075 – 3.5 litres and a maximum operating pressure of 350 bar. Other features include:

  • Meets pressure equipment Directive 97/23/EC
  • Diaphragm material for different applications
  • Suitable for use as an energy storage in intermittent operation systems, energy reserve for emergencies, compensation of leakage losses, shock and vibration absorption.

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