Bosch Rexroth 4WRPEH 10 Directional Control Valve


The Bosch Rexroth 4WRPEH 10 control valve is a high-response directional valve. It is used in force, position, velocity and pressure control applications.

The valve has a maximum operating pressure of 315 bar and a maximum flow of 100 litres per minute.

Other features of the valve include:

  • Operated on one side, 4/4 fail-safe position in switched-off condition;
  • Electric position feedback and integrated electronics (OBE), calibrated in the factory;
  • Subplate mounting;
  • ISO 4401 porting pattern;
  • Control of flow direction and size;
  • Flow characteristics with linear or inflected characteristic curve;
  • Optional preferred “off” position.

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