Bosch Rexroth ABAPG-A10VSO and ABHPG-A10VSO Motor-Pump Group


Bosch Rexroth ABAPG-A10VSO and ABHPG-A10VSO motor-pump groups turn electrical energy into hydraulic energy. They have been designed for open circuit hydrostatic drives.

These power units have a variable A10VSO axial piston pump in either size 10 (series 52) or size 18 – 140 (series 31). The unit has an electrical motor frame size of 100L – 315S. The pump is connected at the electric motor with rigid pump carrier and coupling.

Other features of this Bosch Rexroth ABAPG-A10VSO / ABHPG-A10VSO power unit include:

  • Electric motor design IM B5 (ABHPG) and/or IM B3/B5 (ABAPG)
  • Low operating noise
  • Versatile possible applications on ta
  • nk, base frame or separate installation;
  • Maintenance-friendly set-up and low operating noise;
  • Adjustment DFR1 (pressure/flow controller) and DFLR (pressure/flow/power controller).

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