Bosch Rexroth PR4 Radial Piston Pump – Series 1X


Bosch Rexroth PR4 pumps are valve-controlled, self-priming, radial piston pumps.

Pistons are arranged radially to the eccentric shaft and their downward movements increase the working space in the cylinder. The low pressure that results opens the suction valve and this establishes the connection from the suction chamber to the working space. As the piston moves upwards the suction valve is closed and the pressure valve is opened. Hydraulic fluid now flows to the system via the pressure connection.

Bosch Rexroth PR4 series 1x radial piston pumps are available in sizes: 040 | 063 | 100 | 160 | 200

  • Maximum operating pressure 700 bar
  • Maximum displacement 2 cm³
  • Fixed displacement
  • Self-priming, valve-controlled
  • Long service life due to hydro-dynamically lubricated plain bearings
  • Very compact design and installation-friendly dimensions
  • Combination options with fixed and variable vane pumps
  • Very low noise
  • Self-priming, valve-controlled

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