Bucher QXEHX Gear Pumps


The Bucher QXEHX pump is the successor to the QXEH internal gear pump and offers a number of improvements.

This reliable and quiet internal gear unit has been specially developed for very high speeds. Hydrodynamic lubrication has been improved, further increasing operational reliability, while the range of overlapping displacements provides greater choice.

Other features and benefits include:

  • Maximum reliability, even in reversing operation;
  • Cavitation-resistant with critical fluids;
  • Ideally suited for use with variable-speed drives;
  • Very long service life even with cyclic loading;
  • Heavy-duty construction means it can used in difficult environments and with various fluid

The Bucher QXEHX is available in displacements from 10 cc/rev to 160 cc/ rev: QXEHX32-010 | QXEHX32-012 | QXEHX32-016 | QXEHX32-020 | QXEHX32-020 | QXEHX42-020 | QXEHX42-025 | QXEHX42-032 | QXEHX42-040 | QXEHX52-040 | QXEHX52-063 | QXEHX52-125 | QXEHX62-080 | QXEHX62-100 | QXEHX62-125 | QXEHX62-160

Across the series, continuous operating pressure ranges from 210 bar to 250 bar, with intermittent pressure from 250 bar to 280 bar. Maximum speed varies from 2400 rpm to 6050 rpm.

Download the Bucher QXEHX Technical Catalogue here >>>

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